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Help by providing overlay charts

VatGM offers to display charts (such as SIDs, STAR, VFR, or ground charts) directly on the current map. Therefor such charts need to be described as XML metadata, which is fairly easy to do. All charts to be displayed are required as images (PNG).


The charts itself do not necessarily need to be located on the same server as VatGM, but the XML files does. So actually anybody willing to support this project could update the charts independently once it is registered. Please ensure that the copyright of the charts is met (e.g. when the chart is provided under a GNU  license).


  1. Background shall be transparent.
  2. Size around 1000x1000 to 2000x2000 pixels, which is usually around 200-250dpi.
  3. You can use GIMP to convert PDF to PNG.
  4. Use any 2 diagonal corners for the bounds (e.g. SE/NW), or provide a center position and width per pixel resolution.
  5. Again: Take care of the copyright!

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