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Using VatGM on your website

You can include VatGM on your own website and hence display VATSIM flights. However you are responsible for:

  1. Checking the Google maps license agreements and make sure, that you are compliant with them.
  2. If your web site has high traffic, you need to install VatGM on your servers. Otherwise we will exceed our quota. No linking from our sites is allowed without permission, just get in touch with us.
  3. VatGM uses Google Analytics. Make sure your user know this, this is required information.

How to include?

You can seamlessly integrate VatGM via an iframe. An example is available here. The location, and behavior can be controlled via query parameters

Parameter Values Description
gmzoom 3..11 GM Zoom level
gmlat / gmlng Number Latitude / Longitude
gmoverview true | false Show the GM overview box (pan & scan) in the right corner
gmplace String Location such as “Europe”, “Germany”, “EDDF,Frankfurt,Germany”
displaysimplifiedicon true | false Display simple dots instead of plane symbols, useful for small maps
displayairport true | false Display airports
displayatc true | false Display ATC
displayflight true | false Display flights, e.g. you could just display ATC, but no flights
displayonground true | false Show planes still on ground
displayflightwaypoints true | false Display waypoints for flights, usually requires further parameters such as displaywaypointlines
displaywaypointlines true | false Track flight by a list of waypoint connected by a line
followid Number VATSIM id to be followed

Important: VatGM is JavaScript based,  hence it is mainly computed at the users browser. This might have impact on the load on the users machine (CPU,  memory).  So please carefully evaluate the following scenarios:

  1. Using VatGM on a website which primarily targets mobile devices with poor CPU power. Solution: On include if client is suitable.
  2. Including VatGM several times – while possible – can mean a considerable memory and CPU consumption of the browser.

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