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Open topics / brainstorming:
(Important: Use a fork of the code for your tests)

  • Context Menu:
    We would need a context menu for the GM. This would be a leap forward since we could trigger context sensitive events, getting one step closer to a real application.
  • Hosting:
    • Could we host the application on a VATSIM server?
    • Current version is hosted at, but this is not a long term option.
  • VFR:
    • Provide sectors of airspaces etc. (make sure there are no copyright issues)
    • Provide information about reporting points
  • Overlays: This feature is very rudimentary at the moment
    • If you are with VATSIM, you could check whether there is a way to automatically annotate the charts
    • Tool to support the mapping
    • Copyright issues need to be avoided
  • If you are a HTML / Graphics designer:
    • We would need icons for navaids (VOR, ..)
    • Some fancy icons in JQuery style
    • You could come up with a redesign of the layout
  • Google Earth: Is Google Earth a topic? Yes you could join FsxWs, and/or SSG (
  • JsDoc3: You could set up the latest JsDoc version for us –> generate API documentation

Solved / Work in progress:

  • Data provisioning:  The following will be solved by using FsxWs
    • Can we get faster updates as the standard “2mins” files?  => Fast updates with FsxWs (up to 2secs)
    • Is there a chance to get free airport, SID, STAR data? From Navigraph, Aerosoft? => will be solved using local data belonging the user. The user needs to license the files, see FsxWs
    • Can we use the VATSIM vector files? Is this legal? => local data will be the solution here as well
    • Can we get a free license for the Navigraph data? => no longer required, using local data
  • Airport charts as overlays?  => done
  • Different icons for different planes (Jet, propeller ..) [Solved, but needs continuous improvement]
    • Distinguish between military aircrafts, GA aircrafts, Jets, helicopters and display distinguished icons.
    • Requires a concept for mapping, and detecting the types
  • Improve VatGM as moving map [WORK IN PROGRESS]
    • Check out FsxWs
    • Get involved in FsxWs or improve features for coupling FsxWs / VatGM
  • Weather data [WORK IN PROGRESS]:
    • Free of charge available where?
    • What is needed, certainly winds …
    • How good would real weather relate with the weather in FSX?<!--EndFragment-->

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